The Mission & The Vision

I believe that commencing by explaining why I am writing  this blog, and what I envision will be coming out of it, would be a good way to start.

The first thing that I want to talk about is the butterfly; over the last 8 months, it has become a symbol of hope, inspiration and freedom. I love the metamorphosis from caterpillar, who is seen as a pest and struggles crawling though life, to a beautiful butterfly, which symbolizes inspiration. This is how I see myself, from a troubled youth who sold drugs to a leader to the betterment of all in the community.

In case you haven’t read the “About” section of the blog, I was sexually abused by my grandfather as a child, I struggled with addictions throughout my life, I was married to a narcissist who physically and emotionally abused me and my children and am now a single mother of 3 kids… and I am actually thriving, I feel stronger than ever, and am healing and progressing everyday.

How could it be? I did an intense 6 week life coaching program and discovered myself and how awesome I am. I also studied forgiveness and apply it on a daily basis. By studying and learning to love yourself, you start to become your true self and care less about what others think about you. And that’s when the butterfly can finally come out of the chrysalis. I believe that everyone is a butterfly, we are just at different phases in the life cycle. Wherever you are at today, you are surely very welcomed here. Image result for mission png

I love to help people, it comes so naturally to me, it actually also helps me with my own healing. By profession, I am a nurse in a nursing home and I have been an entrepreneur for over  3 years now. Due to my coaching earlier this year, I had a change of heart as I understood what my purpose was and why I had to go through the unfortunate experiences of my past. I wouldn’t change any of it, even if I could. Because of these hardships, I am who I am today and I have a new mission.

MY MISSION is to bring awareness and to educate as much people as possible, children included, on how to prevent sexual abuse and how to be prepared if in such a situation. As a certified life coach, my niche is childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, however I pledge to stand and speak out against all forms of abuse. I also anticipate on supporting and empowering victims and survivors of abuse all around the world by sharing my story and sharing the tools that helped me not only recover, but find the will to thrive. All lives matter, there is no place for no form of discrimination here, no one deserves to be abused.

Image result for vision

The VISION is to make a local, national or maybe even global impact, to make a difference , to find a way to stop the silence and all speak up together for justice. In order for that to happen, we must first learn to recover and heal ourselves. Once that is done, we can come together, as one strong unity and, with love and forgiveness, fight the hate and heal not only the hurt but also the broken. Only then can we be free of pain and suffering, only love really conquers all.

I want to do this by blogging and using the media to spread awareness. I would also love to host fundraisings and bring more awareness through events, public speaking and through the book which I am also in the process of writing. I foresee myself creating  workshops and courses in the near future to guide people through their healing. I am always looking for people to collaborate with because, as it is said, united we stand and divided we fall so let’s get together and stand up really tall.

I hope that you will enjoy my posts and that they will be useful to you in your journey to healing, finding your true self, and if you are already all recovered, I hope that you will leave comments about how you feel about my posts and how they may be improved. I am always open to feedback. Thank you for your time and appreciate your support in my new adventure.


Sarah Choujounian-Abulu                                                                                                                               Life Coach

















  1. Congratulations on many achievements!!! Welcome to blogging you are part of a loving and supportive family here 😍 I have some similarities with you and look forward to reading more about you! Thank you for following my blog ❤❤

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